About us

Who we are

Ecological Survey & Management is a dynamic ecological consultancy committed to working closely with clients to develop pragmatic solutions to ecological issues in a sustainable manner. We focus on understanding the intricacies of the regulatory environment and applying this knowledge, in combination with our ecological assessment skills, to resolve complex ecological issues. We are committed to working closely with clients, government regulators and the community to develop technically rigorous and practical environmental outcomes.

We pride ourselves on providing a highly experienced and skilled project team at exceptional rates providing unparalleled project value. Ecological Survey & Management does not believe in playing the ‘variation game’ and while our fee may not be the lowest, we strongly believe in scoping and budgeting a project appropriately at the outset. We believe this results in Ecological Survey & Management providing a superior level of cost effectiveness.

Our team

The Ecological Survey & Management team has over 60 years of combined experience in the consulting industry throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, providing specialist services to a wide variety of clients. Ecological Survey & Management strives to exceed clients’ expectations in terms of service and quality of project deliverables.

Meet the team

Please contact us if you would like a full curriculum vitae for any of our team members