About us

Who we are

Ecological Survey & Management is a dynamic ecological consultancy committed to working closely with clients to develop pragmatic solutions to ecological issues in a sustainable manner. We focus on understanding the intricacies of the regulatory environment and applying this knowledge, in combination with our ecological assessment skills, to resolve complex ecological issues. We are committed to working closely with clients, government regulators and the community to develop technically rigorous and practical environmental outcomes.

We pride ourselves on providing a highly experienced and skilled project team at exceptional rates providing unparalleled project value. Ecological Survey & Management does not believe in playing the ‘variation game’ and while our fee may not be the lowest, we strongly believe in scoping and budgeting a project appropriately at the outset. We believe this results in Ecological Survey & Management providing a superior level of cost effectiveness.

Our team

The Ecological Survey & Management team has over 60 years of combined experience in the consulting industry throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, providing specialist services to a wide variety of clients. Ecological Survey & Management strives to exceed clients’ expectations in terms of service and quality of project deliverables.

Meet the team

Steve is a Partner and Senior Ecologist with Ecological Survey & Management. Steve is an ecologist with extensive experience in ecological assessment and environmental management gained over more than 24 years in the consulting field in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. His environmental engineering and Masters of Wildlife qualifications in combination with his wide range of experience in the environmental field and ecological speciality enable Steve to work with a variety of professionals to develop practical solutions to complex ecological issues.

Steve has prepared numerous ecological assessments of proposals against relevant national, state and local legislation and policy. He has worked on a large range of projects from infrastructure such as high voltage transmission lines, wind farms, major highway upgrades and mining related projects, to single lot property developments. This has included preparing the documentation for numerous projects under the Commonwealth EPBC Act.

This breadth and depth of project experience and negotiation skills has provided Steve with detailed understanding and knowledge to successfully navigate complex approval processes at local, State and Commonwealth level.

Steve has also undertaken several natural resource management projects such as the development of a habitat network strategy to guide revegetation in south western Victoria; an assessment of the values and threats to wetlands along the Murray River and the assessment of several options to restore a Ramsar listed wetland used as a salt disposal basin for over 30 years.

Chris is a Partner and Principal Botanist with Ecological Survey & Management, with more than 18 years professional experience in the private sector. During his time, Chris has identified and mapped threatened flora, regional ecosystems and habitat throughout central inland and coastal Queensland, south-east Queensland and on western Cape York. Chris has particular experience in assessing biodiversity values and impacts in coastal, savannah and rangeland ecosystems.
Chris has conducted detailed botanical assessments on sites which range from small suburban properties to more than 100,000 hectares in area. These assessments have been conducted as part of the environmental assessment process relating to the reconfiguration of residential lots through to Environmental Impact Statements for large infrastructure and mining projects.
Chris has identified and mapped threatened species, communities and habitat for more than 60 listed threatened species in Queensland and New South Wales. He has also recorded, collected and submitted numerous as yet undescribed flora species. Chris has also provided expert advice on behalf of the New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage on three illegal land clearing cases involving state and Commonwealth listed endangered ecological communities.
Chris has worked with a range of vegetation and habitat condition assessment models and policies released by the Queensland Government in Queensland, starting with the BioCondition Monitoring Methodology in 2006. He has adapted to implement each new policy and methodology released since that time, and as a result of this on-ground experience, Chris has a comprehensive understanding of the core principles of sound ecological monitoring and the approaches and parameters that do and do not work for both short and long-term monitoring programs.
Chris has also worked with and alongside traditional owners on various projects in recent years.

Meredith is a Principal Ecologist with more than 17 years’ experience in the consulting industry. Meredith has experience in assessing ecological impacts of a range of mining, gas and infrastructure projects throughout Queensland, from south-east Queensland to Cape York. Meredith’s primary skills and experience are in vegetation survey and mapping, permits and approvals, ecological impact assessment and offset validation. She has developed a strong knowledge of relevant State and Commonwealth legislation and understands the challenges navigating an approval pathway can present.

Meredith has been responsible for the project management and environmental assessment of small and large mining and infrastructure projects and has performed the task of technical lead for a number of environmental impact assessments.

Monica is a Senior Ecologist with 15 years consulting experience in northern New South Wales and Queensland. She is highly experienced in the design and implementation of ecological field surveys, including targeted surveys for threatened plant species, and the translation of botanical information into assessments of fauna habitat values and functions.

Monica has extensive experience in providing ecological assessments and advice to inform linear infrastructure developments. Monica has navigated numerous development and infrastructure projects through the complexities of Commonwealth, State and Local Government legislation having a natural resource management focus. Monica regularly provides a high level of service and advice in the areas of ecological survey and impact assessments, vegetation and weed management, threatened flora identification and management, Regional Ecosystem mapping and classification, BioCondition assessments and development of offset strategies to public sector and private industry clients.

Monica is also experienced with ecologically sustainable rating systems and has been involved in the development of the ecological components of Green Star Rating Tools for the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA). She has also prepared Eco-Short reports for projects seeking Green Star accreditation and has provided technical advice on Credit Interpretation Requests for the GBCA.

Michael is an experienced environmental scientist with a diverse background in environmental management and ecology in the civil construction, LNG and mining sectors in Queensland. Michael’s experience has been developed over the past 7 years working with environmental and civil consultancies.

Michael has been involved in fauna management and surveys on projects including the Moreton Bay Rail, Bruce Highway upgrades, QGC Upstream Gatherings and several mining projects. Michael has been responsible for developing and implementing threatened species monitoring programs and providing mitigation and management strategies for construction procedures. Michael has demonstrated an ability to work productively with construction managers and planners to achieve positive ecological outcomes during the construction process.

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