Ecological Survey & Management considers that a detailed knowledge and appreciation of relevant environmental and planning legislation is critical to successful ecological assessment and management projects. The organisation prides itself on understanding the intricacies of the regulatory environment and determining appropriate approval pathways.

Ecological assessment

Ecological Survey & Management has the capability to undertake all aspects of ecological assessment including:

  • EPBC Act referrals and negotiations
  • Opportunities and constraints analysis
  • Assessing and managing legislative implications
  • Terrestrial flora and fauna surveys
  • Threatened species assessment and management
  • Terrestrial habitat quality/Bio-condition assessments
  • Vegetation and weed mapping
  • Offset assessment and management including Offset Management Plans
  • Bushfire hazard assessment and management
  • Vegetation management plans
  • Rehabilitation and revegetation plans
  • Tree retention plans
  • Fauna management plans
  • On-ground fauna management (spotter catcher works)
  • Regional ecosystem map verification and modification including the preparation of Property Maps of Assessable Vegetation (PMAVs)